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We produce the popular Honeycrisp apple for export to the North American market.

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At M A Orchards we rely heavily on seasonal workers from around our area and beyond. Between November through to May we have plenty of job opportunities.

Living in Timaru

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy in the South Canterbury region. These include trails for walking, running, and cycling.

Honey Crisp Apples

Organic production sustains the health of the environment, ecosystem and people. Organic farmers only avoid synthetic and soluble fertilisers.

Our Story

M A Orchards is situated in South Canterbury, New Zealand just north of Timaru at Levels. M A Orchards planted the first orchard in 2012 and now have 6 separate orchards growing Honeycrisp apples for the export market.

Honeycrisp apples were originally developed at the University of Minnesota and released to growers in 1991. Since then the Honeycrisp apple has become extremely popular due to its crunch and balance of sweetness and acidity. Honeycrisp need a colder climate to develop their texture and flavour, which makes Timaru an ideal location.

We now have 100 hectares of land with 228,000 Honeycrisp trees planted.

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Working at M A Orchards

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