Growing Organically


M A Orchards is in the process of converting to organic production through BioGro Certification in 2017, with different orchards in different stages of conversion. By 2024 all orchards will be fully certified organic.

Orchard | Block EU | Taiwan BioGro | USDA | COR
C03 Kerrytown Orchard 29th February 2020 29th February 2020
C02 Divan Orchard 13th August 2021 28th February 2021
C04 Moffats Orchard 13th August 2021 1st March 2021
C01 Levels Plain Orchard 16th April 2022 22nd February 2022
C05 Falvey Orchard 16th April 2022 22nd February 2022
C01 Levels Plain G Block 1st February 2023 11th January 2023
C01 Levels Plain H Block
What is Organic?

Organic production sustains the health of the environment, ecosystem and people. Organic farmers only avoid synthetic and soluble fertilisers. They are dedicated to building long-term soil health and fertility.

What is Organic Certification?

The Ministry for Primary Industries describes organic certification as follows: To assure consumers that the foods they produce are organic, many producers and manufacturers choose to have their production processors certified organic. Organic certification means that the producer has complied with a set of standards overseen by a certifying organisation.

What is Organic Certification?

The New Zealand Biological Producers & Consumers Council Inc.

(NZBPCC) was founded in 1983 to promote the interests of organic production in New Zealand. It was originally formed by representatives of the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand Inc., The Bio Dynamic Farming & Gardening Association in New Zealand Inc., and the Doubleday Research Association of New Zealand Inc., as an umbrella organisation for organic agriculture.

NZBPCC is the owner of:

• The BioGro Organic Standards (the BioGro Standards, or the Standards), and

• The BioGro logos and trademarks, and

• BioGro New Zealand Ltd (BioGro), which carries out audits and certification to the BioGro Organic Standards, and licenses BioGro certified operators to apply the BioGro logos and trademarks to certified products and services, and

• Organic Certification New Zealand Ltd (OCNZ), which provides training and promotion services for organics. NZBPCC’s activities include:

• the maintenance and development of the BioGro Organic Standards; and

• promotion and support of organics

NZBPCC is an independent, non-profit charity, funded entirely by membership, donations, and grants, and net revenue earned by BioGro NZ Ltd from inspection and certification fees, and by OCNZ from training and promotion services. NZBPCC and its subsidiaries have no commercial affiliations.